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Hello Rick,
I have read through the Deep Learning in R book. I highly suggest that you tweak Chapter 6 and 7 a bit more to get the "Advance" part make more sense. For example, Chapter 7 mention multi-output architecture. From my understanding, architectures of this kind apply more in computer visions such as Faster RCNN. But the book is totally wasting the great illustration of how to get a real example work regarding the topic.
I am hoping to see the hands-on example that uses the "advance" model to do multiple object detection (not just single object detection as it lacks generalizability and that is not helpful in teaching the practice). I believe this would make your video more popular, as by far, there are no examples of this kind and the researchers in R community are eager to learn this.
Hope this post makes sense. Thank you for making the course. I am glad to purchase the access.
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Thanks for your great suggestion. I would like to try and incorporate this into the finished video course, so I'll take a look at some interesting examples. I think it is worth going a bit more beyond what the book covers, for sure.