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Would be very nice with a section on how to do load testing on large serverless architectures.
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I don't think this is necessary. Serverless has autoscaling baked right in and is a large reason why its more desirable than traditional VMs/Servers.
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I think that is to simplify to much. Not all things found in a load test can be solved with autoscaling but i see your point.
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Are you interested in serverless tools that can execute a load test? Or how to load test a serverless application?

For the former, there is the Serverless Artillery project you should check out. Alternatively it's also possible to build your own - which I did to load test a multiplayer game I worked on. Depending on the amount of load you want to generate, and what scenarios you need to exercise, you might also be to wrap existing load test tools (like locust or jmeter) in a Lambda function and execute them that way.

For the latter, again, depends on the amount of load and the test scenarios, it's no different to how you'd load test a VM/container based application. For web APIs, use a load test generator to hit the public endpoints using predefined user paths (e.g. sign-in, search, place order) and see what breaks at which point so you know your scaling limits. Redesign and remove those scaling limits (if there's a business case for it), repeat until you meet your scaling goals - which is usually 10x the load you see today.