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This is probably just as much an issue with my Kobo eReader, but when I reach sections with the style "Feature1" my eReader just displays a blank page. The first one of these is the "Downloading and running the example application from the Git repo". I can't even turn the page to get past it. It seems like it is a never ending blank page. Are others experiencing issues with these sections?
Susan Harkins (424) [Avatar] Offline
If you can you give me a heading number of something more specific to look for, I'll look into it. Unfortunately, "Feature1" isn't something I can search on.

Susan Harkins
Errata Editor
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Of cause, I was just so focused on lookin into the source of the book that I forgot about that kind of details smilie. It is section 1.6.2. There is a box just after "Using VS 2017, here are the steps:". On my Kobo eReader that doesn't render, and it seems that section spans 20+ blank pages.
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Have you tried using Edge or another epub-compatible browser? I just used Edge and the content is there. I apologize for the inconvenience just the same.

Susan H.
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Yes, you are right. It works in Edge. I just don't like reading by the computer. I have also contacted Kobo, the manufacturer of my eReader, but they are very reluctant taking up the matter, when the book is not from their store.
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Until you can find something else that you like, you might try Freda. It's free and handles Manning epubs pretty well.

Susan H.