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I've tried a few different ways to run the Python script to load the TMDB files but I don't get an index and I don't get an error when I run the script. I have some experience with ELK but not much with Python and ELK. I can run the script on its own (in Atom) or in the ipython notebook. Either way I get something like this:

in Atom I get an additional "[Finished in 0.862s]"

However, if I run a "get _cat/indices/" in Kibana I don't see a tmdb index. Guessing I'm missing something basic but not sure what it is. I do have some other indices in there but not sure why that would matter. Any advice?

Should add this info
- ELK is running on an OEL 7.4 VirtualBox VM
- Host OS is Ubuntu
- Elasticsearch/Kibana are both on localhost
- no experience with Jupyter