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When I try to run the example in repl, I get error:

CompilerException java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to resolve symbol: call in this context
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Thanks for raising. Not sure what happened there, as the implementation was problematic in several ways. I also took a chance to re-phrase good portion of the chapter.

The actual example has been reimplemented as follows:

(defn every-fn [& ps]
  (fn [& xs]
    (partition (count ps)
      (for [x xs p ps] (p x)))))

(def contains-two? #(re-find #"two" %))
(def is-7-long? #(= 7 (count %)))

((every-fn contains-two? is-7-long?) "guestimate" "artwork" "threefold")
;; ((nil false) ("two" true) (nil false))

The call-out section has the goal to explain that this every-fn experiment has little or small value (compared to every-pred for instance). And shows a one liner that achieves the same effect without a custom function:

(map (juxt contains-two? is-7-long?) (vector "guestimate" "artwork" "threefold"))
;; ([nil false] ["two" true] [nil false])