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I saw you are a Neo4j contributor and the table of already mentions neo4j.

I was wondering how centric Neo4j will be in the book, if it will remain quite database-agnostic, and how math heavy it will be. Could share with us your vision on these points ?

Anyway graph-base is wonderful subject and I can't wait to read about it smilie
Alessandro Negro (11) [Avatar] Offline
thanks for your question. The book itself is completely database agnostic. That means the concepts discussed can be applied on any graph database. On the other side, in order to help my readers to understand the scenarios and the theory I use neo4j as reference implementation of graph database. So the examples use cypher (that is an open standard now) on top of neo4j, but if you know a different graph databases the content will 100% valid to any of them,
Regarding math, I'm trying to balance the amount of "math" in it, but sometimes I cannot avoid to go in deep. My effort is to make it clear and easy to understand with detailed description and concrete examples. If something will not be clear just leave a comment here on the forum and I'll try to fix it.
Your help will be fundamental for having an high quality book at the end of this process.

Alessandro Negro
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Thanks for the clarification !

I love maths and my general feeling is that tech books often too light mathematically speaking so I won't be the one that will tell you to hold on that smilie