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verhagen (35) [Avatar] Offline
Using a virtual machine (vm) for development is probably even a bit easier then setting everything up yourself on your local machine. The advantage is also that in case you don't need it any more the vm can be removed and re-created in case it's needed again.

It's based on VirtualBox for running the virtual machines (vm), as it is available for WIndows, Linux and OS-X. And Vagrant is used to create the vm, through the Vagrant configuration file Vagrantfile.

See the GitHub project - Get Programming with Nodejs
- Using Ubuntu Xenial 64 as base virtual machine
- Using Ubuntu Bionic 64 as base virtual machine

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.
TheWexler (62) [Avatar] Offline
This is great! I agree with the suggestion and I appreciate the work you put into setting up a support repo with vagrant for the book. I'd be happy to promote your instructions to readers. I ran through your setup Readme and everything looks good to me. I would have happily added the steps in the book before it went to production. Thank you!
verhagen (35) [Avatar] Offline
Sure, no issue. Feel free to do with it as you like!

Cloning the repo is fine, or I can even transfer it to you (I think), if you like to become the main / root repo owner and have it available next to the code examples of the book.

Sorry, I still did not finish reading the book, so no idea, if later on in the book, tools are mentioned / needed which are not yet installed on the vagrant Virtual Machine (guest).
TheWexler (62) [Avatar] Offline
I'm happy to credit you. If I need to make any changes I'll reach out to you or link to a local repo and credit you!