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I've gone through the table of contents of the book but, I've not seen if there is any coverage of streaming dataframes which I learned about here (click on play along with the live examples). Are there plans to add that in full book?
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Hi Shuyib,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have been interested in learning more about Streamz since my company uses Akka Streams in a lot of projects and reactive programming is a general area of interest for me. However, I didn't think it would fit well in this book given that the book is targeting readers with a beginner-intermediate level of experience, and the book is focused on teaching data exploration/analysis and machine learning with Dask rather than building reactive data pipelines/big data ETL solutions.

In my opinion, reactive programming is a deep and complex enough subject that it warrants its own book.

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Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the response. I agree. I just found it interesting since I've thought of some IoT applications where I wanted to try and implement it but, I haven't found good resources or tutorials that explain how I can do it well apart from what was demonstrated by Matthew.