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Suggested by a MEAP reader, I'm opening this thread to any and all suggestions from MEAP readers. This includes, but not limited to:

* Typos
* Confusing grammer
* Unclear explanations
* Jokes in the book that aren't funny
* etc

Have at it!
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Hi, thanks for writing this book! I'm really looking forward to reading the complete edition!

In 1.7.3

> The build object for this would look something like the following. I’ve pointed out the parts you should care about right now.

`build object` should be `build method`, right?

Also, example code here uses `new` which is not needed in Dart2.

In 1.7.4

there are few blank quotes which should include `+` (for example your wrote `"" button and "-" button`).
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Thanks yshrsmz for taking the time! I really appreciate all the feedback I can get.
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Thanks for writing this book Eric, I've been waiting for a Flutter text. I think you've found a market that needs filling. From what I've read so far it's obvious your book is going to be a good one.

One question, if I may? In the State Management section, will there be anything about the BLOC pattern? For me at least that's been the trickiest thing to learn in Flutter. Maybe you have other state management solutions at hand and if so I'd be grateful to know about them.

As for typos, this is a nitpick but on page 14 of the MEAP you have a line that reads "It’s job is
just to wait to be pressed, and then execute a function when that happens
"...the first word should be 'Its', without the apostrophe since it's possessive and not the contraction for 'it is'.
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Hi Eric. I like your progress on the book so far. One little thing: you may want to replace "OSX" references with "macOS" since Apple doesn't officially use the "OS X" nomenclature anymore. Also, "books" on page 2: "This books has one goal: to turn you into a (happy) mobile developer." ("books" should be "book").