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Trying to execute code
env = gym.make('Go9x9-v0'),
getting an error.
When checking if Go9x9 is in gym envs:
from gym import envs
not getting it in the list.
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OpenAI recently (February) released an update to their gym library that remove the Go game. You will need to run the following the commands to get the Go environment

pip install -U gym=v0.9.5
pip install pachi-py

Let me know if this helps!

Also, we are working on our version of gym that we will direct readers just in case OpenAI changes any more of the library. Will update you then.
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Thank you for recommendation, I had managed to install version 9.5 of gym but failed to install pachi-py with pip (macOS Mojave, python 3.6);
subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command 'cd pachi_py; mkdir -p build && cd build && cmake ../pachi && make -j4' returned non-zero exit status 127.
Will try to install pachi-py with conda.