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Good Morning!
I had a quick look at the book today and it looks promising!
I would like to submit two ideas so as to know what the author and the readers think about it:
1) In the chapter 2, the UI is developed with ReactJs. But as a java developer, I have never worked with this library. So is it possible it include a short description of the design of the front-end part?
2) Why not giving meaningful names to the maven projects (the artifact id), like 'ch01-enterprise-java-ms', 'ch02-rest-ms', ...'ch11-streaming-with-kafka'. This could be useful to quickly understand their role after having made the initial import withing an IDE.

Thank you for your answers/comments.
Anvar C.
Ken Finnigan (21) [Avatar] Offline

Thanks for your comments.

As the book is now complete, there won't be any additions possible at present.

I didn't include any details of the ReactJS UI as it's not relevant to developing microservices and I didn't want to get side tracked with content that most readers wouldn't be interested in. For a future edition we could consider adding something small.

With respect to the Maven artifact names, each module is prefixed with the chapter details as you had suggested. I tried to be as descriptive as possible without creating a name that was 100 or more characters in length. If you'd like to suggest alternate names, then please submit a PR to