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Please post errors found in the published version of Vue.js in Action here. If necessary, we'll publish a comprehensive list for everyone's convenience. Thank you for participating in this process!

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Errata in Vue.js in Action button error page 55
the button on page 55 is not working
the button on the GitHub ( is not working either
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I am so sorry, it is working!
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Right away in the book, example 2.1 includes Bootstrap, but 2.2 doesn't. So when you go to run after copying the code, it doesn't look as it should. Someone starting might not catch that. Then in example 2.5 it has you add the html for the image and the text, but the correct classes for the display are not there. So that doesn't look correct. You have to reference the final product to notice that the col classes are different and that there is an offset class set. These are pretty basic things to make sure to include, so I was disappointed to see these get past reviews for the book before it was published.
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Page 57:
"With the v-if and v-else directives, Vue.js removes the element from the DOM (the false condition) and removes it from the other (the true condition)"
Surely it should be:
"With the v-if and v-else directives, Vue.js removes the element from the DOM (the false condition) and adds the other element to the DOM (the true condition)"
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Not an error per se, but there is something confusing on pg. 76 in the section on v-for due to the use of the inline "code" format. See the underlined portion in the following image As a developer I read this as:
state in states.states

With the dot/period serving as a Javascript property accessor, rather than a period separating two sentences. A couple of solutions I might suggest are using a comma and changing the phrasing to "states being the source data", or just foregoing the inline code format for "states" at the beginning of the second sentence, instead enclosing it in double quotes, or a combination of both.