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I wanted to say that having read 3/4 of the v11 MEAP, I'm loving this book. I came into it expecting to learn more about the dependency injection in ASP.NET Core, but I feel like I got a lot more out of it. The sections on pure dependency injection, with the constructor based approach and assembling all the objects together in the composition root was something I understood so clearly that I can take that with me to other programming languages and platforms, not just .NET. I was thinking that if I never chose to check out ASP.NET Core recently I would have completely passed this book over, and that would be a real shame since it's already improved how I put together Node Express apps etc already.

I think that the book could end up with many more readers if it was positioned as a book about dependency injection design patterns and refactoring with a focus on .NET as an example. For example, perhaps a title of "Dependency Injection with Examples in .NET Core". Curious what the authors think about this approach?
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We are actually discussing this with Manning at the moment. Mark and I also feel that changing the book's title would make it more clear that it not just for .NET developers. This discussion, however, is ongoing. No decision has been made about the book's title yet.
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I like the new title. smilie I hope this book makes its way into the hands of many developers.