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I assume that the books will covered Producers, Consumers & Connect APIs.

But will it also cover Stream APIs and Admin APIs?
Perhaps example use case of Kafka Stream APIs on top of Producer/Consumer Core Kafka (after we understand the fundamental).

I have already purchased the books, but I wonder what is the differences between this book and Kafka Stream in Action?
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Great Questions!

As we are looking at what is becoming more and more important in the Kafka space, I would say that we might be moving or adding a chapter to touch on the Streams API as part of this title. However, IF it is covered in a chapter, it will be only simple use cases. Kafka Streams in Action focused on that Streams API and would provide more coverage than Kafka in Action is planning on covering. Kafka in Action really is suppose to be what is skipped over in Kafka Steams in Action's Chapter 2. Kafka Quickly.

As far as the Admin API, I was planning at least some coverage of it in Chapter 9!

Thanks for the notes!
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Thanks for the reply.

Sound Good! I look forward to more chapters on these topics.
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Thanks for the note again! Appreciate the discussions!