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[Originally posted by tushar22]

I had a few queries regarding writing and running agents on domino server.
I am trying to write agents for monitoring each user's mailfile and invoke
some other program if there are any upcoming appointments or tasks etc for
that user.
First question that possible??
I have a few other problems-->
1. In the Lotus Client Menu->Create->Agents view, the option to Run: Simple
Action, LotusScripting ,Java etc is not available. Other options are able to
be set but the Run (Where i can select java or imported java option)Agent list
box only allows to set simple actions.(biult in agents)

2. On the Domino Server Administration client can we add java agents for
accessing each user's database on the server. How do we do it??

3. If an agent is added from the notes client, will it take the required action
even if the notes client is not open?? Can the agent be running on the server?

I am using Domino 5.0.8 and the latest java/CORBA Toolkit. The OS on which the
Domino is running is WIN2K. Have also made changes in the server document for
running restricted/unrestricted java agents.

Please help me resolve these problems.