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Hi Tony,

I am developing an application on Domino that incorporates the use of
servlets. The servlets perform the task they are supposed to do but during
testing I discovered that if I change the parameter in the URL then the
servlet will happily serve up another user's data. What I need to do is
redirect the current user if they attempt to reconfigure the URL.

I've tried enabling CORBA and capturing the .getRemoteUser() but this returns
the Domino server id. How does the file relate to CORBA
access? Do I have to list every user in it?

Any advice you could provide for this problem will be greatly appreciated.
These have been my first servlets and I'm sure I'm missing something simple
but even though I've purchased a few books on servlets and your own "Domino
Development with Java" I haven't been able to find out how to tackle this
particular problem.

Larry Broome