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[Originally posted by erehnke]

hi tony,

i'm moving through your book with much enthusiasm! i have gotten servlets
running and am now into jdbc.

i have this setup and the examples work flawlessly, but i have a question.

why does the standalone app in 26.4 need the domino jdbc driver library? isn't
the point of standalone jdbc apps that they do NOT need any database specific
stuff? i'm sure there is a good reason, but i can't figure it out even after
going carefully through the chapter several times.

you have done a REALLY GREAT job of making this java stuff accessible and
understandable! i really enjoy your book and will recommend it highly when i
give a talk on java development with domino at an upcoming meeting of the
Orange County Domino User Group (WWW.OCDUG.ORG).

I'm looking forward to your article on how to get the GNUJSP engine up and
running with domino. Another really exciting area that looks very promising
can be found at

thanks again for your work
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Re: do standalone jdbc apps need domino libraries?
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Many thanks for the kind words. You can do a raffle at your user group
meeting (speech), and I'll send the winner a copy of the book.

JDBC offers a platform-independent method to access databases via SQL. Yes,
JDBC drivers are required but they are Java. This is a shift from ODBC wheras
a special ODBC driver must be installed on the platform of choice, and ODBC is
setup on the system/server. Does that make any sense?

Thanks for the link.

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Re: do standalone jdbc apps need domino libraries?
[Originally posted by erehnke]

thanks, i'll do the raffle and send you the name of the winner! you are very

my confusion with the domino implementation of jdbc is centered around the
fact that a standalone java client program seems to need the special domino
jdbc library compiled in order to access a domino database. i was thinking
that if a database has a jdbc driver, it could be accessed using the normal
java jdbc library that comes with the jdk and would appear like any other jdbc
enabled database such as db2 or oracle or MySql or whatever.

i know that some of the jdbc driver components (dll's etc) are used by the
server but does all this mean that for ANY standalone java application to
access a domino database via jdbc that standalone java app MUST have the
domino jdbc jar file at compile time as well as the regular jdk jdbc jar file?

it is my understanding that the jdbc driver for db2 can be accesses like any
jdbc enabled database without requiring a special db2 driver on the client
system. in fact, that is the beauty of jdbc in that you don't need special
client side drivers for each particular database.

is that correct, or am i missing something?

also, i did download the test tool from sun and it seems to
function but i'm not sure how to make the connection between it and the domino
database. i'm sure other readers would also be interested in how to use this
tool to test your jdbc stuff.

let me reiterate, i have your jdbc stuff running just fine. it's just the big
picture that is confusing for me..

thanks again for your help and keep writing...

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Re: do standalone jdbc apps need domino libraries?
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Major vendors like Oracle and Lotus have specific JDBC drivers for their
platform. The key selling point of a JDBC driver is it is Java based;
therefore, theoretically, it can run anywhere. The only piece needed is a
compliant JVM. This is a big shift from ODBC where you are tied to a specific

You must use the Domino JDBC to access Domino data via JDBC.