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[Originally posted by mfromin]

Wanted to get your opinion on this issue. I have written alot of Domino
agents in the past. My biggest issue with the agent process is that it is
SLOW if many people are accessing the server at the same time.

Since a servlet is loaded into memory once and only the thread is initiated at
each use, I am thinking servlets would be a much faster technique for
web-based access to Domino resources.

For example, I have seen several LS agents that allow someone to add new users
and/or modify their PAB HTTP Password. Based on my assumptions, I wrote a
servlet to create new users and/or modify their password.

Have you experimented with this issue at all?
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Re: Servlets vs. Agents
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Generally, a servlet is faster with high volume traffic/use.