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[Originally posted by erehnke]

How do you set up Gnu JSP?
{{this note was found in a discussion database somewhere and the original
contributor was Calin. this software can be gotten from }}
The servlet manager in Domino has the following bug when serving up JSP files:
1) it serves JSP files for downloading if you append a / to the .jsp URL
2) JSP pages in subdirectories do not work
3) JSP pages with parameters do not work
For installation, suppose that Domino is installed in:
Create the following directories:
Copy "gnujsp10.jar" and "servlet-2.0-plus.jar" from the GNUJSP distribution
into d:classes
In the server document make the following changes in "Internet
Protocols->Domino Engine":
Java servlet support: Domino Servlet Manager
Servlet file extensions: *.jsp
Add this line to "notes.ini":
In d:lotusdominodata make a file "" with the following
Restart the server and you are ready to do JSP!

{{ i have installed this engine and am trying to get some sample jsp pages to
operate. i have had the TOMCAT jsp engine working, but that was completely
independent of domino...........this GNUJSP engines is supposed to work with
domino however i have not gotten a jsp page to serve yet }}
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Re: a Gnu JSP engine for domino?
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Yes, the GNUJSP JSP engine can be used with domino. I am assembling an
article on the subject, so I'll try to provide info here.