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I really enjoy your book so far after starting it yesterday.

I've stumbled across some small inconsistencies in the the examples which I wanted to share with you.

e.g. different parameter names

2.5.2 Solution for updating an order (Listing 2.12) => function updateOrder(id, updates)
3.5.2 Solution for updating an order in the DB (Listing 3.12) => function updateOrder(orderId, options)

Also in Listings 3.12 and 3.13 the log message in the catch block uses a template string without expressions.

In general there is some inconsistency in the usage of orderId in the code compared to the text where it sometimes is ID or order ID.

In 4.2 the text states that the createOrder handler should first save the order to the db and then contact the Some Like it Hot API, whereas the Figure 4.1 shows that first the API is contacted and then the order is persisted in the dynamo (which is sync with the following part, where the orderId for the db just re-uses the deliveryId provided by the delivery API)

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Thanks Carlo!

Some of these inconsistencies should be fixed now, after the final editing, but I think it's too late to fix the rest of them, as the book should be in print. I'll check with Manning team.