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[Originally posted by pcw1]

Hi Tony,
I'm using VisualAge Java 3.02 to access a mailbox on a remote Notes
server to find all mails that contain attachments in order to extract them to
a network drive for further processing.

Using the sample code from the book I can find and check all the properties of
the attachements, such as filename & size etc., within all the documents.

When I use x.extractFile("filepath" + x.getSource()); this works if the path
exists on the remote notes server itself.

When I use a filepath to the network drive available to the machine that is
executing the java program it fails with :-

4005 Notes error: File cannot be created (filepath/filename).

How can I either;
extract directly to a drive other than one on the remote Notes server,
(which is what I really want to do),
extract to the remote server and then move that file to a different network
store the extracted document until the connection to the remote server is


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Re: extractFile question
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Extracting to a non-Local drive does create a problem. There are always
problems trying to access a mapped drive. Can you save it locally and ftp to
the appropriate directory?

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Re: extractFile question
[Originally posted by pcw1]

Thanks for the reply Tony.

Unfortunately my Notes administrator was less than thrilled when I asked to be
able to ftp to the Notes server as this is not permitted on our company

Are there any other workarounds that I can try?