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[Originally posted by mfromin]

I am having difficulty getting even a simple Applet built in Jbuilder. I am
trying to recreate your Applet in Example 23.2 and I get an error. I have
created a single form in a database and attempted to do Create / Java Applet
to place the applet in the form. This part works fine. Next, I attempt to
run the form in Netscape Navigator and Navigator gives me the following error:

Applet Applet1 error: java.lang.ClassFormatError: Wrong class name inside
class file

This has me stumped as I am _brand_ new to Java but trying to get thru your
book. All of the agents I have built work fine because I did them in the
designer client...
Here is the source code I copied from compiles fine but I can't
add the applet to a form and have it show anything...
<-----------Start Source -------------->
package JApp;

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import lotus.domino.*;

public class Applet1 extends AppletBase {

public void notesAppletInit() {
System.out.println("In the INIT");
public void notesAppletDestroy() {
System.out.println("In the DESTROY");
public void notesAppletStart() {
System.out.println("In the START");
public void notesAppletStop() {
System.out.println("In the STOP");

<-----------Stop Source -------------->
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Re: JBuilder Questions
[Originally posted by aspatton]

Make certain the option "Applets uses Notes CORBA classes" is selected in the
applet properties (info) box. It is located near the bottom of the first tab.

I compiled the applet with the Sun JDK 1.1.8 and tested with R5.05. I am
sorry, I don't have JBuilder.

In addition, the IIOP task must be running on your Domino Server.