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[Originally posted by aspatton]

I'm unable to get any standalone Java applications that access Domino objects
to work unless I make a new copy of the file nlsxbe.dll as lsxbe.dll in the
root Domino installation directory.

I did not encounter this problem until I upgraded to 5.05.

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Re: Standalone app problems
[Originally posted by erehnke]

i found the problem by searching the Lotus Knowledge Base!

you have to start the ClassPath specification with the current directory:

set ClassPath=.;c:jarsNotes.jar.................

that does the trick!!!!

(pardon me for repeating myself if you already saw this.....but.....I got
pretty excited about getting standalone apps working with a rather simple fix)
guess Lotus changed the method for searching the classpath and forgot about
checking the current directory automatically like they use to.....smilie
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Re: Standalone app problems
[Originally posted by ragibson]


I found that if my PATH was such that the "wrong" java.exe was being run when
I tried "java Standalone_application", I got an error message indicating that
the JVM was unable to locate the lsxbe.dll. So, I presume that this is the same
error to which you are referring.