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I just bought the book and have liked the content so far, thank you. Two questions:

1. How soon will the other chapters be released? Can you please provide a rough timeline?

2. Udacity has released a Deep RL Nanodegree. Can you please give your opinion whether it would be worth it? Here is the link: https://in.udacity.com/course/deep-reinforcement-learning-nanodegree--nd893
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We're glad you're enjoying the book so far!

The goal is to release approximately one new chapter each month.

I think if you're following along with the book and not finding it too challenging, then you won't need a course. The book covers the core topics in reinforcement learning but also exposes you to a lot of other areas (e.g. evolutionary methods) that will give you the skills to jump into any other areas you want.
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Are you going to cover multi-agent applications as well?
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While waiting for the publication of the rest of the book, I personally enjoy "Deep Reinforcement Learning Hands-On: Apply modern RL methods, with deep Q-networks, value iteration, policy gradients, TRPO, AlphaGo Zero and more" - June 21 , 2018 by Maxim Lapan, despite fact it was published by Packt smilie It’s cover almost of all the topics promised by authors of this book.

I also recommend RL Course by David Silver (on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?reload=9&list=PLzuuYNsE1EZAXYR4FJ75jcJseBmo4KQ9-) and more advanced course CS294-112 at UC Berkeley (http://rail.eecs.berkeley.edu/deeprlcourse/resources/#prevoffs) (you also can find all lectures on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkFD6_40KJIznC9CDbVTjAF2oyt8_VAe3)