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[Originally posted by klsh]

I want to take a large 4900 record msaccess database and dump the table to
individual html files. I want to specify a generic header and footer, and
insert the data grouped by assemblies with subcomponents. I have generated a
CSV file with all the relevant data.

I've been looking at working with CSV files, chapter 6 page 110 seems relevant
but I'm trying to get my head around dealing with all the assemblies. One line
for example would contain this info:
"9608007","9999237","PLUG,THREADED,14X1.5MM,W/VITON SEAL","N/A","D9501-027
The first item is Assembly number, there are 98 sub-components for this
assembly. So 9608007 will be the first item for all 98 records.

The second item is the sub-assembly part number, this number for the
sub-assembly may appear in other assemblies, but only once in any assembly.

The third item is the description of the sub-assembly part.

The fourth item is a cross refernce to a separte assembly numbering scheme and
must be retained for support reasons.

The fifth line is a separate part numbering scheme and is retained as above
for cross referencing purposes.

The sixth and final item is the Assembly description.

I can rearrange the fields as required but would like the end result to be a
static HTML page for each assembly listing all these sub-assemblies and using
the Assembly Description as the page title tag.

In total there are 598 assemblies so I need to generate all 598 pages.

I want to be able to specify a standard Header Footer pair to handle
formatting as well.

This is my first attempt to use perl on a project. Any pointers or suggestions
welcome. I have the Learning Perl book, Programming Perl and the Perl
Cookbook. So if you think there is a relvant section feel free to point that
out. Of course I also have Data Munging with Perl as well. smilie