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MacFlecknoe (22) [Avatar] Offline
I love Manning but the first edition of this book is only a little over a year old. Many people including myself needed to modify the code that was distributed with the book because it doesnt work and there seems to be no help offered through the forums.

I just bought the book two weeks ago.

As the content of this edition seems identical to the first i wonder what the motivation is to create a whole new edition rather than simply update the original books code samples.
Peter Sbarski (18) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Mac, thank you for your feedback and thank you for buying the first edition of the book. I am going to update code samples for the 1st edition so that 1st edition readers are up to date.

However, there is a reason for the second edition of this book. Cloud computing and Serverless technologies move very quickly. A lot of things have changed and improved over the past 12-18 month. Certain technologies have been deprecated and new ones introduced. Let me give you an example, Auth0 has completely changed and now needs to be implemented differently. I cannot just update a couple of code samples, that chapter needs to be rewritten because conceptually Auth0 is going to work in a different way (I am actually going to discuss how to use Amazon Cognito in the second edition). If you have a little bit of experience you will be able to figure out Auth0 but for beginners I need to break things down hence the second edition.

Google and Firebase have announced a whole bunch of new additions and changes. These include the new Firestore and the fact that Google Cloud Functions just went GA. This needs to be covered and I think readers would find it interesting and useful (and see how these technologies could complement and improve their architecture). The fact that SQS now works with Lambda is a big thing and needs to be shown how to used correctly.

We've also had feedback that people want to see how to implement DynamoDB, as well as architectural concepts such as CQRS and materialised views. Readers have also asked for an advanced chapter on Lambda (internal tips and tricks, memory optimisation techniques, etc) so we are going to cover it too. Finally, we are going to add an additional chapter on DevOps and serverless which is something that's been requested by the readers of the first book.

I think that the second edition will complement the first edition. However, things are moving so quickly we need something to help readers stay up to date. We need something beyond code samples. Let's keep the conversation going, I am going to help owners of the first edition, get the most out of the second edition too.

MacFlecknoe (22) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks Peter. This makes sense and I look forward to the additional content!
Guruprasad B.R. (15) [Avatar] Offline
While i agree that the pace of change in AWS/Cloud is too fast, even i believe the release of 'second edition' is too early for people are still buying/reviewing first edition.

Will be good if there is an 'upgrade to second edition' option for the buyers of first edition at a much lower cost.
Peter Sbarski (18) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Guruprasad, that is a good question! I think this question is for the publisher (Manning) to answer.

I'd love for there to be an affordable and easy upgrade path so I will ping the publisher and I find out.
592891 (1) [Avatar] Offline

quick question regarding the second book: Will it mostly stick to javascrip/nodjs for the examples or will it also include a java version?
As others already suggested I would also like to see more details on how AWS services like DynamoDb can be integrated.

Nuatu (2) [Avatar] Offline
Hello Peter,

Did the publisher get back to you about upgrade path for those who bought 1st ed?

Toni A. (1) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Mac,
Manning offers reduced prices to all owners of previous editions if they want to upgrade. Email support@manning and give them your specifics. They'll take it from there!