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Tjeerd in 't Veen (23) [Avatar] Offline
The reviews are in! 12 Swift developers have gotten a chance to look and review an early version of the book. I am humbled by the reception since it's outstanding. With an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, this book is resonating well with the readers.

I've spent the most of my free time writing for the last year and a half or so, so getting the following feedback brings me a lot of happiness.

I'd love to share some summaries of some reviewers:

It is a must read for anyone who is deeply interested in Swift and wants to excel as a Swift developer.

This book is simply amazing because it's a kind of book that goes beyond the simple language teaching, but explains techniques and share the author experience using the Swift language constructs. This is like the "Effective Java" of the Swift language without organizing paragraphs in items but in topics. I think it's a more efficient way to organize chapters.

This is a great book for those looking to get a deeper understanding of the more advanced features of the Swift language. I don't typically buy books targeting specific languages or technology. However, this book, using the Swift language, explains numerous patterns and practices that can be generalized across many different technologies.

Swift in Depth is a book that lives up to its title; there is no introductory material in this book, but, rather, each chapter contains advanced material on one or more aspects of Swift.

Sometimes you find a gem in the virtual book store and this is one of them. The book is easy to read, and explains Swift concepts in a great manner. It's a book were even non-beginners can get great use out of it. The book is packed with great tips. I would give every new junior beginning on Swift projects at work a copy of the book smilie

The title of the book matches the content well. It makes a good read and having worked your way through it (and following all the excellent examples) you will have achieved a deep understanding of many of the Swifty concepts.
The author has paid great attention to detail in describing the various concepts that the language has to offer and gives sturdy advice about which structures in the language are suited to match which problems.
There are examples galore, and all of them are worth a good study as they demonstrate well the power and pit-falls of the Swift language.

The examples are very good. They are also relevant to the real world or can be extended to be so.

Aimed for the mid-level Swift program who is ready to level up, this book knows who its intended audience and serves them perfectly.

Good book, very thorough coverage of advanced Swift topics like generics protocol-oriented programming.

Great book for beginners and seasoned swift developers. Tjeerd shows some delightful nuggets in this new language which still has some rough edges.

A very complete book if you wanna start learning swift, as well as a good companion book for already swift programmers

Another chapter that fascinated me was the 8th chapter, and the remaining ones about protocols, but the 8th in particular because of the so called Protocol Oriented Programming buzzword that's roaming around.

All the chapters related to Protocol and Protocol patterns are brilliant. I learned lot of new way to use enums over inheritance.

The extending in two directions section was definitely an Aha! moment.

There are lots of things that I have learned from the book. Extending protocols and constraining the types is perhaps what comes to mind first.

I learned to program via generics.

Although I do use protocols & associated types in my day to day, this chapter resonated with me.

I learned a lot more about common Swift idioms and advanced usage

protocols and the chapter with flap maps, maps were really good chapters.

My takeaways from the reviewers are that I need to fix some grammar mistakes, which is to be expected because that's part of the final steps. I also learned that the book gets quite advanced near the end—perhaps more than I initially planned—luckily, readers appreciate the difficulty curve of the book.

Currently I am processing all feedback and finalizing the graphics. Then, I will pass the manuscript on to the copyeditor. The latest chapters will be released one per month. Also, existing chapters will be updated, so keep an eye out for improvements. Hint: I may have added another trick to the flatMap chapter about generating a deck of cards smilie

Thanks for reading and see you next month.