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Hi there, I don't know the best place to put these but wanted to mention some typo I ran across:

3.1.2 "a precision that makes it possible to represent "represent "this entity in software."

3.1.3 "In fact, the knowledge we need to capture is even deeper tha"tn" the understanding most domain experts..."

3.3.3 "Up to this point, lots of confusion exist"s", but it's possible to identify..."

7.2 first paragraph, "("expect -> except"with your spouse, of course)."

7.2.1 mid-way "In real-life code bases we regularly "[see?]" entities that are..."

10.5.1 last sentence, "is kept minimal and "and "that the func-..."

This book is a beautiful work!! Thank you for writing it.
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Oh also in Chapter 7.2.1 Listing 7.6 the click-on-number text is messed up between #1 and #2
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Thank you very much for your findings – we'll make sure to correct them in the next major walkthrough.


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Thanks a lot - we think we have adressed the typos. Good spotting!

But, could you elaborate on the problem with Listing 7.6? I'm not quite sure I understand you.
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Hi, sure, I think a picture may be better than words in this case: Here is clicking #1 and then clicking #2.

Notice that in #1's messaging it starts "#2 Shipping is protected by an if..." and this corresponds to the 2nd block and not at all the 1st which is over a public property of the Order class. Note also that entries usually do not start with "#" anything. This leads me to believe there's a metatag/markup problem somewhere and the system is swallowing #1's true message.

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Also page 325 paragraph 3

You might remember to change these 2 places, nbut

(note nbut)

Also at the end of page 330:
the latter ensuring that no cent is lost if $10 is split three ways. (The n of "no" is itallic).

Page 331 - I believe the Slovenian currency is no longer the tolar - they use the Euro.
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Under > 2.1 Online book store with business integrity issues

But now that that has happened, let’s think about the logical consequences.
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Under > 2.1 Online book store with business integrity issues

But now that that has happened, let’s think about the logical consequences.

I remember reading that sentence and actually thinking it was fine. I had to go look up what others felt and it looks like while it is considered correct grammer some do find it distracting, so it is ultimately a stylistic choice to rephrase it out of the sentence or leave it.

See https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/3418/how-do-you-handle-that-that-the-double-that-problem for some in depth explanations and reasonings for both directions. (The correct-ness basically comes from "that" having multiple meanings and the two "that"s represent different, potentially-exclusive meanings - but sentences can usually be reworded to avoid the situation altogether.)
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Wow. You really are thorough! Thanks a lot.

Listing 7.6 - fixed.
nbut - fixed
italic n in ”no”? Sorry - can’t reproduce it.
But now that that has happened - clarified as ”when that”

Best regards

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My pleasure! smilie Thank you so much for writing this book!!!