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It is mentioned in the welcome section of version 2 of the book that, at the time of writing, the released version of PyTorch was 0.3.1 and version 0.4 was still in the works. As of May 2, 2018, PyTorch is planning on completing version 1.0 "sometime during the summer" (see here:

Will this affect the book in any way? If so, how?

Thank you.
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Hi! Good question.

The ongoing releases for PyTorch will absolutely impact the book, in the sense that as we're writing the book, we're checking that the code we include in both the book proper and the companion github repository remain correct with the latest version of PyTorch.

PyTorch v0.4 in particular introduced quite a few changes that resulted in changes to our code. We believe that we've gotten all of those sorted out now -- everything runs on the latest formal release, but there might be some corners that aren't fully modernized still. Our intent is that we'll have the book's final text/code match whatever the most recent version of PyTorch is when we actually go to print. We'll certainly have that locked down before the book is done.

I'll go ahead and update the intro now, since it should read differently given what we've done. Note that as authors, our view of the current "state of the book" is typically a month or two ahead of yours, since there's some production work that goes into the MEAP process that adds some delay. You should see the welcome message update after the next MEAP update, I think.