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183223 (1) [Avatar] Offline
I'm going through this book but the code in the repo doesn't reflect what is being described in the book. For example, in chapter 2 it says to run `node build/dev-server.js`, but there isn't even a 'build' directory in the project. I thought this book would be great but I'm totally confused.
bigtunacan (16) [Avatar] Offline
I've noticed the same thing. I opened a related topic Also, the MEAP latest published date on doesn't match the date Edd provided here

I think when the book was started Edd was using vue-cli 2 series, but then converted over to vue-cli 3 series and things on the book and code aren't quite matching up right now as a result.
Edd Yerburgh (42) [Avatar] Offline
Sorry, there was a miscommunication. The code should now be in sync with the book
JayNewlin (5) [Avatar] Offline
Edd: I'm sorry, but I disagree. I've checked out the code from GitHub, and I've searched on the repo:

1) There is no chapter-6 branch.
2) ItemList.vue and ItemList.spec.js don't exist anywhere in the repo.

There may be other issues that I haven't discovered, but these are the most obvious at this point.

JayNewlin (5) [Avatar] Offline
Fwiw: There's no chapter-3 branch, either. I created one as code would be at the end of Chapter 3, if you're interested.
Edd Yerburgh (42) [Avatar] Offline
Hi Jay, sorry for these issues.

The GitHub repo includes a chapter-3 branch—

Chapter 6 does not have a corresponding branch, since it's an instructional chapter.

Hopefully this clears things up
JayNewlin (5) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks, Edd! I figured out that I was checking it out incorrectly. I had reacted about the chapter-6 because it's referenced on page 117 (end of section 4.1) in the INFO section.