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For a book on language, the phrase based on is too often used incorrectly. There's an excellent explanation of when to use 'based on' and when to use 'on the basis of' at http://www.asiaandro.com/ec/EC4.pdf. As a reader who perceives the difference, it trips me up. For example, in Chapter 4 (p. 105 of most recent version of the PDF), you're attempting to modify the verb calculate, as in calculate the synonymy...based on how often "apple" and "NYC" occur..., but your use of based on modifies the nearest noun (the phrase based on cannot modify a verb), namely NYC, which does not make any sense. Please swap in on the basis of where appropriate; it's not synonymous with based on.
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Wow! I had no idea. Thank you. We'll make the change, but unfortunately it may be unpopular, according to Google n-gram viewer (the new OED):

It's sad to see language changing so fast, paying less and less attention to the "rule book".