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so I have tried this "try it now" twice over two days. I don't know what is wrong but I cannot get this to recognize the utterances. they all work on the actual luis site, but its like the publishing doesent go through.

any advice or troubleshooting?
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Hi, Smitty. Sorry you're running into problems. Where does this issue occur? Does the problem come up after the Try It Now exercises in 17.3.3 where you Test in Web Chat? I just ran through this exercise and it works correctly. Can you copy and paste the app.js into the online code editor correctly? Make sure you delete the existing content, and there's no special characters incorrectly inserted during the copy operation.

As it's just a web app under the hood, you can select the web app instance from your resource group and restart it. There's also an option to view streaming logs for the application and server, as detailed in chapter 3. That may give some additional information. Within the online code editor where you deleted and pasted the app.js code, there's an option for viewing output, but it's sometimes a little misleading and not always up to date with the underlying status of the web app instance and logs themselves.
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ill check these out, I have an opportunity to work on this again today. ill report back what I find.

as far as the .js file, yes I copied it in a raw format, and pasted it in. there was no other code in it, It was cleared and then overwritten.

if it fails again, I will post it here as well.
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So this was a pebkac and a latency issue teaming up on me.

The short version is... for some reason it really takes a long time for things to publish and replicate, and i ended up skipping a crucial step on the LUIS side.

Totally an issue on my side.
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Interesting that you saw a delay between the LUIS app publishing and the web app instance recognizing it. Usually it should go through pretty much right away since you're just deploying updated code a deployment slot (production, typically).

Glad you were able to get it going though! There's a lot happening in this chapter and it's very much a whirlwind tour of AI, ML, and LUIS. There's a lot of possibilities if you dig into the Node.js and C# SDKs for web app bots, and some of the other Cognitive Services such as vision or speech.