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SĂ©bastien Portebois (6) [Avatar] Offline
Hello, those typos are from the livebook (MEAP v5), but I double-checked a few of them in the pdf and the were there too

paragraph 1
- "largestpublic" (missing space)
- "providersfor" (missing space)
- "(VMs),containers" (missing space after the comma)

- "thatcan work through a chapter at breakfast" (missing space in "that can")

- "resources in and out,load balance traffic" (missing space after the comma)

- "a hands-onlab exercise" (missing space before lab)
- "have anlab exercise" (missing space before lab, and a vs an)

- is not clickable (not a big deal, but surprising)

- "Azure offers a freetrial account " (missing space "free trial")
- "These chargesaren’t covered " (missing space after charges)

PS: the credit might be $200 (US), but Azure adjust this to your country, (e.g. CA$250), I don't know if that should be worth a note (i.e. the important point if the free tier and some free credits, not the exact amount, since this $200 is repeated multiple times)

- "Open your web browser to https://www.github.comt." (Both the link text and target have the extra "t" at the end of the domain)

- "At the time of writing, there are 40active Azure regions" (missing space after 40)
- "All your focus is on the content that you create and manage, not how to make the application run" (last sentence of the SaaS bullet point. Missing dot/comma at the end)
- "andCosmos DB" (missing space before Cosmos)

- "run Linux as a fully supportedand first-class workload!" (missing space after supported)

- The figure "Figure 1.5 The Azure Cloud Shell in the web-based portal" has the same ref than "Figure 1.5 Cloud computing service model"
- "regardless of what OS you use.Although" (missing space after the dot)
- "the followingguides detail" (missing space before guides)

Iain Foulds (18) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for reporting these. All of these have been fixed during typesetting of the final chapters. The MEAP versions did not go through a full layout process or have a copy edit and proof reading to help catch these. We're wrapping up production now (I'm currently reviewing the second round of proofs!), and these issues have been corrected. As noted in the welcome post, these kinds of thing don't need to be reported in the forums as it's expected to encounter these issues during MEAP. Hope you've been enjoying the book!