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[Originally posted by foobar256]


Thanks for a great book. I recently took it with me on vacation, and was able
to read it from beginning to end. Most of the time I just get enough time to
skim the Perl books I have. Many good little nuggets and big meaty parts!

Two suggestions for 2nd edition. I am always having trouble with the complex
data structures similar to what you build in the example of section 8.1.2 (p.
152). The next page is a line by line description of the script, with a
picture of the data structure on the following page. It would be more
instructive if you made two minor changes.

1) Put the picture of the data structure on the same page as the script that
uses it. You might run into some space constraints with the script,
line-by-line, and picture all on the two facing pages.

2) Label the data structure picture with the names of the variables, and the
different notation for refering to it. (Similar to data structure pictures in
ITEM 30 of Joseph Hall's "Effective Perl Programming")

The picture by itself is somewhat useful, but it it hard to match it up with
what is happening in the script. Labeling the data structure elements with the
names used in the script would make the relationship clearer.

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Re: complex data structures examples
[Originally posted by dave]


Thanks for the suggestions. I'll certainly bear them in mind.

I'd actually been thinking a bit about data structure diagrams as part of a
course I've been running. I agree that putting variable names on the diagram
would be a good idea.