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558379 (7) [Avatar] Offline
I took me sometime to differentiate between these keywords in Chapter 2.

From what I understand,

ReactDOM.reander return ReactComponent (the virtual DOM)
React.createElement return ReactElement (either ReactDOMElement or ReactComponentElement)

At first, the text explain clearly the definition, then the use of keywords during explanation and comparison get mixed up

ReactDOMElement -> react element
ReactComponentElement -> react component

which in fact both are elements, the Component Element are creating using class/function and have backing instance,
while DOM Element are created by specifying HTML tag string and no backing instance

I wish the author would revised and correct the chapter, I suggest changing the subheading below
2.2.2 Creating React DOM Element
2.2.3 Creating React Component Element
And make sure the address the keywords mixed up mentioned above
mark (60) [Avatar] Offline
Hey there! Sorry for the confusion. The terminology changed pretty substantially between versions of React and over the years, so I understand why there could be be confusion. To clarify: components are "made from" elements. Components are how you group bits of your UI, and there are different types of components you can use (stateful and stateless).
mark (60) [Avatar] Offline
*forgot to add: in your day to day w/ React, those are all I'd worry about in terms of types (ReactDOMElements vs ReactComponent etc.)