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Hi Craig,

Really enjoy reading your book (from the 4th edition up to now). However, where is the source codes for all the examples in the book? I have looked everywhere but only find the source code - listed on the product page - contains only codes for chapter 1 and chapter 2?!

I know this is MEAP but it's been quite long and where is the code?

I'm looking forward to your reply ASAP.

Best regards,
Christopher Barrett (3) [Avatar] Offline
I am with you there. I guess they will release the code in later updates unfortunately. I found this pretty bad as there are bugs and issues with the current code in the book.
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Now that all chapters are released in the MEAP v7, where is the rest of the source code?
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I bought the book on August 15th and I am also looking for the source code. Somebody from Manning or the author himself please provide an update on this.

I have bought the second, third, fourth and now the fifth edition of Spring in Action from this author and have found his books impeccable.

So please be patient. I'm sure the source code will be released soon.
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The source up until chapter 2 has been released. However, the source code for chapter 2 does not match what's in the book.

For example, in the class DesignTacoController you have this code:

model.addAttribute("design", new Taco());

But in the released code for that chapter instead of the above we have this:

model.addAttribute("design", new Design());

This is starting to seem like sloppy work.
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yeah exactly, the book explains quite well, but there is some bugs for the existing released code. And even if I import maven project from ch01 which is given , it still can't work