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I was delighted to find this book covers "Eclipse MicroProfile", the book seems to be very up-to-date. I would like to congratulate the author of this book smilie
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I appreciate that!

It doesn't cover as much as Eclipse MicroProfile as it could right now, but a lot of the specs came out after the examples were written.

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I too am enjoying the book and was pleased to see MicroProfile included.

I would also like to see references to Open Liberty in the JeAS section, Liberty provides excellent JeAS capabilities, allowing developers to select the exact features they require, without compromise. Liberty is easily zipped up and deployed as runnable jar file.

Open Liberty also supports Spring Boot without having to refactor the application into a WAR file; and even allows dependencies to be isolated so that they can be deployed into layered docker images - allowing fast updates of application code.

Liberty's security features make management of key files much easier. I particularly like the dynamic outbound security capability.
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Thanks, glad to hear you're enjoying it.

My understanding was that OpenLiberty allows you to select which features to run, but those features are still present within the Application Server, which is not the case with other JeAS runtimes. In terms of being a runnable jar, I thought it just unzipped it's entire contents to a server directory, equivalent to downloading it, and then runs that. Admittedly I'm not super familiar with OpenLiberty in detail.

Right now the book is going through the final stages of production before printing so there aren't any new pieces being added. I can certainly consider adding it to a future edition

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Hi Ken

Thanks for the response.

You can create Liberty with just the feature you require. This can be done easily, in two ways.

1) Just down load the Liberty kernel ( a couple of mb) and use the install command to select which feature you want
2) Use the minify option to remove any features that are not included in the server.xml

I prefer option 2, and run minify at the end of my build process.

Liberty fully supports a runnable jar file: