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[Originally posted by ralphie]

Can't get the following to balance i.e. the total of all line_items once
converted is different to the converted invoice total. Is there a solution?
Maybe I don't need Math::BigFloat. The amounts are all in pennies.

sub convert {
use Math::BigFloat;

my %currency_conv_hash = (IEP=>"EUR",GBP=>"GBP",USD=>"USD",EUR=>"EUR",
ITL=>"EUR", ATS=>"EUR", BEF=>"EUR", PTE=>"EUR" );

my %rate_hash = (IEP=>".787564",GBP=>"1",USD=>"1",EUR=>"1", FFR=>"6.55957",
NLG=>"2.20371", ESP=>"166.386", DEM=>"1.95583",
ITL=>"1936.27", ATS=>"13.7603", BEF=>"16.11", PTE=>"200.482" );

my ($source_currency, $unconverted_amount, $unconverted_total_amount) = @_;
my $rate=$rate_hash{$source_currency};
my $line_amount = Math::BigFloat->new($unconverted_amount/$rate);
my $total_amount = Math::BigFloat->new($unconverted_total_amount/$rate);
return ($currency_conv_hash{$source_currency}, (sprintf
",$line_amount->fround(0)), (sprintf "%.0f

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Re: Rounding problems
[Originally posted by dave]

Floating point numbers in computers are inherently imprecise. You can't
guarantee that calculations like to ones you're doing will balance - it's all
to do with the way that floating point numbers are stored.

Sorry smilie