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1. If I'm not mistaken, the book doesn't explain how the auto-updater is invoked. Google search results suggest that autoUpdater.checkForUpdates() needs to run after 'autoUpdater.setFeedURL(url)'. Not sure if this is the only way, but the book doesn't mention anything on this matter.

2. The book also isn't clear about how the release files (nupkg, exe, RELEASES in the case of Windows Installer) are supposed to be placed in the release folder (e.g., zipped or separately) or what the return URL sent back from the server should look like. (e.g., url including file name or just the release folder name)

Hopefully more attention is given in this area before the book is finalized.
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As far as I read, the book is using an old version of Electron, so I don't know if by this point the author will going to explain auto-updates....