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[Originally posted by mwexler]

Newbie question:

I have been doing some research (at, and I have not been able to
find a routine which would use some simple heuristics to guess at a delimiter,
similar to how Excel guesses when doing a file import.

I would assume that either someone wrote a module to do this, or that its so
simple that I just don't see the trick, but I am missing it.

Most of the files I deal with are either tab or comma delimited, so I tried
just counting the number of commas or tabs and picking whichever was bigger...
and that failed miserably, since it ignored the fact that commas can be in the
fields in tab delims.

Anyway, if you know some pseudo code or a module such as
"text::guessdelimimport" or something of that sort, I would appreciate it.

Thanks for any advice you can share,

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Re: Guess the Delimiter?
[Originally posted by dave]


I don't know of any module that does this, but can see that it would be a very
useful thing to have.

Why don't you have a go at writing it and submit it to CPAN. If you need any
help, feel free to email me (