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Good afternoon! I can not start an example from the book (" Angular 2 Development with TypeScript" 1 edition).

I run "npm install" and "npm start" in folder "angular-seed" from "chapter 2".
I also do the same in "auction" folder.

I saw only "Loading..." and nothing else.

I get an error in Chrome:
""" Error: (SystemJS) Cannot read property 'base64encode' of undefined
TypeError: Cannot read property 'base64encode' of undefined
at Object.base64encode (
at Object.getSourceMappingURL (
at printSourceFileOrBundle (
at emitJsFileOrBundle (
at emitSourceFileOrBundle (
at forEachEmittedFile (
at Object.emitFiles (
at emitWorker (
at runWithCancellationToken (
Error loading

I'm using the "live server", "webstrorm" and code from "https://github.com/Farata/angular2typescript "
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Thank you for letting us know! Just pushed an updated version to the repo, here is how you can fix it - Fix ch2 angular seed project.