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Tjeerd in 't Veen (23) [Avatar] Offline
Great news, the book will be made ready for Swift 4.2!

You may already have noticed how in the latest MEAP, that the initializers chapter and generics chapter are using the Swift 4.2 API. In the initializers chapter we're making use of Swift 4.2's new random API. However, the generics chapter has gotten the most updates, it profoundly covers the updated Hashable protocol, it covers Swift 4.1's synthesizing of the Equatable and Hashable methods, and I also updated the generics chapter with a new section, covering something called invariance.

The related playgrounds files show how to run them in Swift 4.2, so you can try it out today!

As planned, the one protocol chapter turned into three chapters, which means that the book has gotten some bonus chapters. The book's table of contents also has been reordered for a better flow. This leaves the table of contents a bit spotty at the moment. But not to worry, the book is very modular, so you can freely read chapters without a rigid order, and the remaining chapters will fill up nicely.

One of the harder chapters—Putting the Pro in Protocol Oriented Programming—will get another update in the upcoming MEAP. In this update, the associated-types section has been made easier to understand. I am confident that many people will go from "associated types sound useful, I guess?" to "I know when and how to apply associated types!".

More great news. I finished writing all chapters—well, early drafts anyway—and they have been submitted for internal review, to be judged and enjoyed by a select few Swift developers. Currently, I am writing the so-called front matter, which is the content before the first chapter—acknowledgments and such. Meanwhile, I am awaiting the feedback from the reviewers, after which I will process the feedback. Then, the chapters will go to a copywriter to be finalized and get rid of my Englishified Dutch. For you, this means that the chapters will be released via MEAP one by one, in a more finalized state.

Thanks for reading, and see you next month!

v8 (6) [Avatar] Offline
I really appreciate your monthly reports and the close watch on the book's forum.
I think you are one of the few authors on MEAPs who have this attitude.

For this, and the topics covered, I will buy it. smilie Good luck with the book!
Tjeerd in 't Veen (23) [Avatar] Offline
Thank you for your kind words and buying the book! It motivates me to hear that my reports are appreciated because writing a book can be isolating smilie