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I just want to tell you how great this book is smilie
I was a bit sceptic before buying it, because I'm very much into DDD and I got a feeling from the small parts I read that maybe you didn't share my view of the importance of DDD.
I bought it anyway and it has been to great help for me in my current design and implementation of a small, but growing, web based system based on Net Core.
I've been working on modern Java and C# platforms for 15 years or so using both Hibernate and NHibernate (so I have some experience), but the book have given me both a good understanding of EF.Core and the possibility for me to compare with NHibernate, but also a lot of ideas on how to improve my basic design ideas for a web based system.

I'm also studying the accompanying code examples. DDD, Hexagonal architecture and and other basic ideas are important for me and the examples give me many ideas for improvement.

Thanks again for a great book,