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[Originally posted by biffl]

Dave, I'm learning Perl for a specific task (extracting data from e-mails) and
your book looks like it's just what I need. But you've touched one of my pet
peeves with your use on p.21, n.1, of the term "one-off".

I first saw "one-off" misused in an online forum a few years ago, and it has
appeared in Usenet several times since then, but this is the first time I've
seen it rear its ugly head in print. How'd your editor let it slip in?

Look, when you build quantity one of something, it's a "one-of" kind of thing.

I think programmers admitted "one-off" into their vocabularies because they
are warned in their first C courses against "one-off" errors, which are made
when an array is improperly indexed as starting at [1] instead of [0] or
ending at [count] instead of [count-1].

So your footnote should say that requirements won't change in a one-of data
load process. If it's a one-off data load process, it has a bug!

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Re: One-of, not one-off
[Originally posted by dave]

Sorry, but I disagree. Using "one-off" to mean something that happens onyl
once is something that I've seen in common usage for as long as I can
remember. Maybe it's a(nother!) difference between English and American. This
is a theory that's backed up by the entry at

one-off (wnôf, -f)

adj. Chiefly British
Happening, done, or made only once.

Something that is not repeated or reproduced.

So, I believe that my usage is correct.


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Re: One-of, not one-off
[Originally posted by biffl]

Egads, I can't believe that typo has made it into the dictionary! <g> Thanks
for the reference.

Speaking of reference, I was delighted to discover the Essential Perl appendix
last night. I'd missed it when I looked over the table of contents, but it's
one of the greatest features of your book. Together with the online perldocs,
it's helping me make a fast start on my project without needing any other