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375711 (2) [Avatar] Offline
Figure 2.3 is missing In the chapter
2 Linux virtualization: build a safe and simple Linux working environment.
After figure 2.2 (EC2), the legends seem to have shifted and are out of sync with the figure. For example the legend related to LXC architecture has a figure showing the options for downloading Skype for Linux and has the numbering 2.4.
I have noticed this interpolation in the live book and the epub version.
David Clinton (92) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for noticing and telling us about that.
I'll be in touch with the production team right away!
375711 (2) [Avatar] Offline
You're welcome.
Campbell Ritchie (88) [Avatar] Offline
Similar things seem to have happened elsewhere, I am afraid. In chapter 6 (versions 6‑7) most of the captions for the diagrams are off by one. They seem all right in versions 4‑5. Maybe the 1‑2‑3 list at the top of page 120 should be figure 6.1? Is figure 6.15 missing (page 136) or do the numbers catch up with themselves at figure 6.14? I can't make head or tail of the caption numbers in chapter 7. Don't know whether there are similar caption mismatches elsewhere.
David Clinton (92) [Avatar] Offline
Thanks for the heads up. As it turns out, we're only a couple of weeks away from getting the book out to the world and the figures in ch 6 are all fine in the final edition (I've got the proof PDF open right now). Whatever the problem was with this MEAP, it's pretty much history now.
Campbell Ritchie (88) [Avatar] Offline
As long as it has been corrected smilie I presume I shall get a pdf with the final corrections in due course.
David Clinton (92) [Avatar] Offline
You definitely will get the corrected PDF. Although I can't guarantee there won't be other things we missed. smilie