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So in Storyboard I used Editor > Size to Fit Contents just like in the example, and it shows fine.
But when deploying to iPhone 8 Simulator, the text is trimmed again.

Did I miss anything? I would assume what we see on the Storyboard will be the same in the Simulator...
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After Googling for a while, I found out that you need to click Add Missing Constraints... maybe this needs to be added to the video? And does the book talk about what these Constraints do? I suspect it's something to do with Auto-Resize-Layouts
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Hi 5748, sorry for taking so long to get back to your query, I just discovered I wasn't watching this forum, I've rectified this.

So in the storyboard you are editing the app's interface for a specific device, such as iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus. If you edit it in the storyboard for iPhone 8 Plus, and then run it in the iPhone 8, you will expect to encounter some issues with the interface. Your googling went well - a solution to this is constraints and auto layout. We look into this in the video in Unit 5 "Adaptive layout" and in the book in chapter 6.

"Add missing constraints" is a simple approach to solve the problem, but the true answer is a little more complex because if you use this approach you may not be happy with the constraints that Xcode automatically adds for you.

(576562 I'm not sure what the netgear support comment was about? Maybe meant for another forum?)
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