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As far as I can see, 3 of the functions in the listing(readFileStream, parseNumbers & writeFileStream) don't exist:

const dataForge = require('data-forge');
const inputFilePath = './data/weather-stations.csv';
const outputFilePath = './output/transformed.csv';
// … transformRow function omitted – it is the same as in listing 5
dataForge.readFileStream(inputFilePath) //#A
.parseNumbers(["MinTemp", "MaxTemp"])
.select(transformRow) //#B
.writeFileStream(outputFilePath) //#C
.then(() => {
.catch(err => {

I got it to write to the output file OK by substituting in readFileSync, parseInts & writeFileSync - but it throws an error when it reaches the then().
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This code listing was using a beta feature of Data-Forge. I've since removed the feature (I couldn't get it stable in time for the book) and I've removed the code listing.