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Kesha, I finished listening to the course as it currently exists.

During the course, I clicked on the feedback icon a few times to make suggestions. I assume you see those.

I am glad you have data available. I am still looking for data sets. The sets I have have seen for crime in Utah are summaries only and do now have the same details. But, I have just started looking. In the meantime, I downloaded your dataset so I can get on with the course.

You might remind people that s3 buckets are global and they will have to come up with own name for the bucket and adjust the manifest file accordingly.

Good luck with the course; you have an egaging style, I think it is a great start, and I look forward to Section 5.

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I appreciate your feedback and will review the suggestions you've submitted.

When/if you find datasets for Utah, please post the links here. Any links you find will be beneficial for future students (from Utah) that want to train their version of SAM using data from that state.

In regards to S3 buckets being global, there should be an overlay in the video that instructs students to use a different bucket name. I will double check the video to ensure the overlay didn't disappear during the video editing process.

I am working on Section 5 now and hope to release it soon. Stay tuned! smilie

Thanks again for your feedback.