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When I click on the link "Virtual Machine (Vagrant, 5GB) in https://www.manning.com/books/spark-in-action,
it will download spark-in-action.box. I never heard of a .box file extension. How do you open this on a Mac ?
Thank you

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This is a Vagrant VM, so you'll need to have Vagrant installed and set up to run it.

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This is very confusing. I installed Vagrant at https://www.vagrantup.com/docs/boxes.html

I downloaded vagrant_2.1.1_x86_64.dmg and theh double clicked on the icon to begin
the installation. After the installation completed, nothing happened. And I cant even find
Vagrant in my applications folder.

I also tried the other way by using wget. And wget command not found. I want to get this working
so that I can start with the Spark examples.
Please let me know.
Thank you
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You'll probably need to keep reading the documentation to learn how to use Vagrant. I'm not an expert.

It's primarily a command-line (CLI) tool, so you'll be accessing it through terminal.

A quick search yielded these results:

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I got it working. Section 1.5.1 mentioned that you can also use the wget command.
Since I dont have wget, I just copied the json file
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/...../spark-in-action-box.json into my Folder and
then ran
$ vagrant box add spark-in-action-box.json

This downloaded the 6GB VM box spark-in-action.box from Amazon S3.

Attached screenshot shows
box: Successfully added box 'manning/spark-in-action' (v1.0.0) for 'virtualbox'!

Then initialized the Vagrant VM
$ vagrant init manning/spark-in-action

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Excellent! Happy you got it working.

Thanks for sharing the steps you took to successfully download and run it.
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I have a new problem. Attached is screenshot.
When I double click on SparkinAction_default_1528...., it goes through some initialization
and then asks for login and password
Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS spark-in-action tty1
spark-in-action login:

I dont know what the login and password are. Is there a way to find out.
Please let me know.
Thank you
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Got it. Its in the book in section 2.1.
login: spark
password: spark

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I now have Spark running and I can go through the examples in the book.
What I need to know, though, is how I can enlarge the window and change
fonts, background, and forward color of terminal. Which document should I
read through. Is there a way to bring up multiple terminal windows ?

Attached is what I see currently
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Section 2.1 on page 19 states the username and password for the VM are both "spark".

Edit: oops, just saw that you'd figured it out. Unfortunately, I don't have additional information for you regarding your other questions as I don't have a copy of the VM myself. The first place I'd start looking, though, is in the bash profile settings in the Ubuntu VM, and in the Virtualbox settings.
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