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Welcome to the latest progress report for Rust in Action, a book on the Rust programming language for intermediate programmers that teaches Rust via systems programming.

Several chapters are already currently available via Manning's Early Access Program (MEAP). If you don't own the book and would like to preview its contents for free, visit the book's liveBook page. To get there, visit the book's webpage and click "Look inside".

Book Progress

Chapter 7 should be published shortly. It is going through a few stages of editorial review. Even though this book is a MEAP, we don't want to release something that causes confusion. The chapter is quite large and there have been internal discussions about splitting into two or three smaller chapters. The chapter takes readers through the process of building several key/value stores and discusses how hashing and B-Trees operates.

With upcoming changes to the concurrency landscape in Rust (esp. Tokio stabilization due in July), I've decided to work on another chapter: Time.

Time covers: representing time in a digital computer, how hardware and software clocks work and how NTP operates. There's no need to be mystified by how this process works. Readers will be writing an NTP client from scratch!

If you would like to do some pre-reading, I've made one of the code projects available for review here: https://git.nzoss.org.nz/tim-mcnamara/timepong. I'm hoping that this project will outlive the book! If you have Rust installed, you should be able to keep your system's time in sync right away!